Hot Diggity Dog

Looking forward to wrapping up winter and hitting up some baseball games soon.  Oh, and dollar dog night at Progressive field.  Hot Diggity Dog for American Greetings.


Alfred Music Books

I'm so grateful to team up with Alfred Music.  I really love working on their book covers that mainly gear towards young students.  Their in house artists lay out the type, stickers, and title design, where I focus on the illustration.  You can see the rough type and title layouts on my end, and they will finish it up in house.  Not only is it fun work, they are also a great group of people to work with.


The Open Road

An inspirational birthday wish for American Greetings. Collaborated with Todd Hemker of Yellowshed. Music by Joey Hanna.


Disney Junior and Animation Magazine

Last year I was very excited to get the opportunity to direct, illustrate, and animate a piece for Disney Jr's new show, Lights, Camera, Lexi.  The concept teaches young kids about film genres and movie making. You can check out my piece here and there is a write up about it in animation magazine here


Off the Curb

Exciting News!  "Off the Curb" will be part of the "Like, Share, Die" episode lineup. I got the opportunity to design the characters and animate the pilot for creator and VO Carlos Alazraqui a while back.  Check it out on Fusion, starting May 28th @10:30pm.


Make A Wish

A fun mash up of video and animation (plus a little wiring and a few sparks) for American Greetings.


Music Theory

A sneak peek of a new children's book I'm working on with my husband and Alfred Music.


Lilla Rogers - GTS 2014 Submission - Round 2

Happy Monday everyone!  Lilla Rogers recently posted the top 50 from her global talent search.  Check out the super awesome talent here and please vote for my little dude above here.  Many thanks and enjoy the cutes!


Lilla Rogers - GTS 2014 Submission

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Exciting news.  I recently took part of the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search and made it to the second round with "Little Swingarium".  You can see the top 50 (super fun illustrations) here:  Lilla Rogers Blog  


Dancing Goats

My co-worker pal (Todd Hemker) and I got the opportunity to build/design a set for a fun little shoot that was made up of the Swiss Alps, a yodeler, and some amazing dancing goats.  You can check it out here:  Birthday Yodel


Kitteh TOMS

Recently my work teamed up with TOMS and we were given a pair of white canvas shoes to create something fun for a silent auction.  I loved working on these! Created with acrylic and ink.


Mommity Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms!  I was more than excited to design and animate this card for American Greetings. You can view here: Mommity Mom Song

A special THANKS to my Mom for always being sweet, supportive, and giving me big red hair.